Platform Beds

Finding the Best Platform Beds

Have you heard lately about the craze in platform beds? If so, then you may be interested in purchasing one of these unique pieces of furniture.

Platform beds can be a great investment as an alternative to a traditional bed. Just as with any other piece of expensive furniture, however, you will want to do a little research beforehand. This can save you both time and frustration in the future. Going out and buying platform beds without

doing some research first can leave you with an uncomfortable and expensive piece of furniture. Platform beds can definitely be a great investment, but only if you check around a little first. As platform beds have grown in popularity, so too have the number of companies manufacturing the products.

Avoid being taken advantage of by doing a little research before buying into any platform beds. One of the quickest ways to judge the quality of platform beds is whether or not the bed comes with slats for mattress support. Without these slats, the buyer will have to use box springs to support the mattress. This is a good sign that the manufacturer of the platform bed is trying to cut corners and save money. Should this be the case, be wary of other aspects of the bed as well. It is probably a good idea to avoid all platform beds that lack supporting slats. For one, the bed is probably of a lower quality overall, and not having the slats will prove to be a major inconvenience. Using a box spring to support your mattress will look terrible, and most likely feel terrible as well.

It is also important to know what materials are used in the construction of platform beds. Many manufacturers will cut corners by using less reliable materials. Worst of all, many platform beds will have a veneer or finish that attempts to make the bed look like it is higher quality than it actually is. Look out for oak and mahogany finish on platform beds, as these can often conceal cheaper construction underneath. Manufacturers commonly use materials such as particle board, or in some cases even cardboard. It is worth knowing what your bed is made of, as this will affect how long the bed lasts and how comfortable it is. If you have any doubts as to the construction of platform beds, be sure to ask plenty of questions before making a purchase. This will ensure that you receive the best quality for your money. If you have doubts as to the quality of the bed, be sure to check online for reviews of that particular model.

It pays to be wary when shopping for platform beds, as many manufacturers have gotten into the market with the intention of producing cheaper knock off models. Just because a model is priced higher does not mean it is actually a high quality product. No matter the brand or price, be sure to check around for independent reviews of the product. Although asking the sales staff questions can be helpful, it is a good idea to continue checking around. There are plenty of high quality platform beds out there, but because of the recent popularity of the item, many newer models are cheap knock offs. These knock off models will end up falling apart and being uncomfortable well before they should. Buy a high quality model for a long life of use and comfort.